Are Venezuelan girls easy going to foreigners?

Well, in this country the situation is completely different, than, for example, in Chile. Although Venezuela is very rich in natural recourses, first of all in oil, people of the country live very poor life often over the poverty line. It is not surprising that many people of the country are looking for better life abroad. If it is so hard to live at home the thought that it might be better abroad comes up into mind by itself. No surprise as well that many Venezuelan girls regard foreigner as the ticket to better life. Foreigners use this situation in search of love and joy. Who is using other part more in this situation? I guess both, but Venezuelan girls do that to survive and rich foreign guys do that for fun, so the answer to the previous question is clear, I guess.

So, it is very hard to make the conclusion are Venezuelan girls actually easy going to foreigners or the economical situation in the country makes them so easy. But there are many other examples in the world where women became hostages of economical situation but prostitution is not widespread phenomenon over there. Read also: Venezuelan life, Venezuelan girls and places to meet them

Are Venezuelan girls easy going to foreigners?

We also know that general opinion could not be used to the whole country and stereotypes are often not describing actual truth. There are many women in Venezuela who sell their body to foreigners for money, but it does not mean some average Venezuelan girl you see on the street is like that. She might be caring mother devoted to her family and faithful to husband.

As you see, those questions about girls of Venezuela and their will to go to bed with every counter foreigner are far from some objective truth, because every case is unique. Yes, there are many easy going girls in Venezuela and they do it for money to feed their kids, as they often say, but at the same time there are many women there who would never do such things to feed their family and they work somewhere else. If Venezuela was rich country would all those women go to bed with foreigners on their own will but not for money and (or) if they don’t hope to marry that foreigner in the future? Probably not. But Venezuela is poor and it is how it is for now. So, it is hard to say Venezuelan women are easy going about foreigners, but many look like that because of material remuneration they could get or could possibly get. If you want to know that better because you are visiting the country of Venezuela, you will see that on your own experience, but remember it can be unique as well. What is more important, be deliberate and cautious and take care of your health. Read also: Marriage in Venezuela – choosing an exotic wife?

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